What are our store hours?

Monday –Thursday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Friday- Saturday 8:30am- 6 pm
Sunday- Closed

What type of payments do you accept?

We take Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and

Do you have a repair shop?

Yes, we do shoe/ boot repair. We also do saddle repair and make
custom gun holsters/ gun belts and many other things.

Do you do while you wait repair?

No, we do a lot of repair so we do not do while you wait. The turn
around on repair varies as to how much we have at the time. Most of
the time it is a 4-5 day turn around.

Do we special order boots?

We can order boots for you from the many boot/ clothing companies
we deal with. If is not an item we carry in our store it is a 50% deposit
but we are happy to order the item you really want if it is still

Do we have Layaway or gift certificates?

Yes to both. Our layaway program is 20% of the total (after tax) and
90 days to pay off with a payment due every month.
We can do a gift certificate for any amount or for a specific item/boot
whatever you prefer.

I am a company and want to set up a boot program for my employees, is
that possible?

Yes, we do billing for many businesses in the area. We can set it up
with your specifications for what your business needs.

How should my boots fit?

Slip on boots should always be snug in the instep and slip a little on
the heel. The slip in the heel should be no more than ½”; if you have
more than that or no slip at all you need to change the size of your

Lace up boots could have a little slip on the heels but still no more
than ½” slip. Your laces should have a good thumbs width between
them so you have stretch space.

You should also have a thumbs width from the end of your boots.

I don’t like my boots snug to start with.

Your boot should feel as a “bear hug” not a pinch. Most boots are
leather and they will stretch so you want them snug to start with so
when they stretch they won’t be too sloppy.

I can’t wear steel toe boots because they hurt my toes.

This is usually because the customer is wearing the wrong size. If
they are too short it puts your toes too far down in the boots. If they
are too wide your foot will slide forward and hit the steel on the side.
In properly fitted steel to boots you should not feel the steel unless
you lift your toes up.

Why does the leather not last (dry or crack)?

Boots must be maintained like a car. You must clean and oil often.

3 most damaging things to boots are:

Sand, Heat and Time. Oiling your boots will help with the Sand &

Wear your boots; don’t put them in the closet for future years. Time
is not good for boots.

How often should I oil my boots?

This depends on how much water you are in. Rule of thumb is to
keep leather slightly oily.

How long should a good work boot last?

A good boot should last 10 months to a year if properly maintained
and in no harsh chemicals.

My lower back hurts.

This could be from the heel height of the boots or a need of an
orthotic support.

How long is a boot guaranteed?

Work boots no longer have a time guarantee. They are guaranteed
against defect in material and workmanship.

My feet hurt in the arch.

If boot is old and broken down this will cause pain. If the boot is in
good shape you may need an orthotic insole.

The size shoe I have always worn doesn’t seem to feel as good anymore.

Your feet change as you get older. You should have your feet
measured often for a proper fit.

Do I need to buy a more expensive work boot?

We spend more time in our work boots than any other footwear. To
keep our feet in good shape we must have good support for our feet.

Steel Toe Boots are heavy.

Actually the steel cap is very light and not hard to get adjusted to.

Should I wear thin socks with my boots?

A nice thick cotton sock is more comfortable with boots and will help
keep your feet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

We take our time to make sure you have the proper boot for what your
needs are. We are a small business and we appreciate you as our
customer. We are not a fancy place and want our customers to feel
comfortable coming right from work.