“That Boot Store” started out in 1964 on the East side of

Panama City in a small community called Springfield. John Cain, a salesman
for Endicott Johnson Shoe Manufacturer, felt there needed to be a
shoe store on that side of Panama City. So, he opened one–
Discount Shoes–in July of 1964.

In May of 1965, his son, Joe, got out of the Navy and came to Panama City where he went to work for Arizona Chemical Company and also helped in the shoe store. In July of 1967, Joe made a very wise decision: he married Charlotte. To John’s great pleasure,

Charlotte conveniently had a degree in Accounting. John, being the wise man that he was, quickly turned the store’s books over her. In no time at all, Charlotte had corrected several bookkeeping errors and had things running smoothly. Smoothly enough that the store
continued to grow year after year. Finally, in 1991, at the age of 77,John decided to retire, moved to Mississippi, and married his high school sweetheart, Connie.

Since the store had begun to specialize in work and western boots,the decision was made to change the store’s name to one that better fit the business; hence the name “That Boot Store.” In fact, many people had been calling it by that name for a long time.

Joe and Charlotte took over the store, and in 1992, Joe resigned from the Chemical Plant to work in the store full time. After wearing steel-toe boots for 26 years, Joe has been able to help many first-time safety-toe bootwearers make the right selection.

In July of 1999, after 35 years in business, That Boot Store moved
to it’s present location–only 1/2 block from the old building. We feel
this new building and location will better serve our customers with better parking, more open display, and a much larger showroom. That

Boot Store plans to continue serving the working people of Panama City and the surrounding communities for many years as the third generation learns the trade and comes into the business.